Bora Bora

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The first thought that came to my mind when I asked myself, ‘Where do I want to travel?’ was Bora Bora. Which is a typical answer for most, right? I mean, it is a sunny, tropical island in the Pacific Ocean! The beautiful weather and pretty sites bring in tons of tourists every year where they can enjoy white sandy beaches and bright, green hillsides. This paradise is surrounded by crystal, light blue waters and colorful coral reefs. In the past, Bora Bora was volcanic. Now, there are an abundance of black mountains and jagged rocks throughout the island.

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Bora Bora is the home to many tropical plants such as coconut palm trees, orange trees, and vanilla plants. In the ocean around the island, you can find a multitude of marine life as well. Some include lemon sharks (which believe it or not, they can be gray to yellow in color), stingrays, dolphins, and humpback whales.


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What’s interesting, Bora Bora is a territory of France in what is called the Society of Islands of French Polynesia. There is three main villages and people here speak French or sometimes Polynesian. A common activity around here is snorkeling and swimming because the water typically reaches 82 degrees fahrenheit. Now doesn’t that sounds nice! Also, the common transport is by boat. No surprise.

man and woman swimming in the sea near brown cliff
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Ever since I was young, I wanted to travel here because of the astonishing sights. I would see videos of people traveling to Bora Bora on Youtube and see pictures on Instagram. Now, I am obsessed! It would be a dream to swim in the clear blue waters and study the marine life here. Bora Bora caught my eye because it is a popular place to visit for its spectacular views and relaxing environment. I highly encourage you to think about traveling here as well.

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