I have never been outside of the country and one place I would like to go visit one day would be Germany. My mom’s side of the family is part German. So, way back in the past, part of my family came from Germany. Also, another interesting fact is that my dad had visited the country to learn more as a soccer coach. He met up with other coaches there and attended some trainings. Many people in Germany are huge futbol fanatics. Soccer is a popular sport there and Germany is known for their numerous World Cup victories. Germany has a two of the most talented national teams in the world because Germany is the only nation to win both the men’s and women’s World Cups. The men’s national soccer team of Germany is coached by Joachim Löw. The youngest player on the team is Christian Pulisic, now twenty years old. He was the youngest player to score a goal in World Cup qualifying history at seventeen years old. Crazy right?


National Team pic                       Joachim Low                      Christian Pulisic

Anyway, Germany’s landscape in the south include tall mountains and in the north, sandy plains. There’s forested hills in the west and plains in the east. Germany’s tallest mountain is called Zugsptize. The climate is moderate so rarely is it blazing hot in the summer and freezing cold in the winter.



In Germany, there is conifer trees, spruces, pine trees, and Japanese larch. Although, unfortunately, the forests have suffered greatly from acid rain pollution. However, the vast forests and mountain terrain provide the perfect habitat to deer, quail, wild boar, wildcats, lynx, elk, wolves, beavers, and otters.

Spruce              Japanese Larch             Elk              Otter             Wildcat

I hope one day I can visit this country and possibly see a soccer game played by Germany’s national men’s team! Germany’s landscape and weather make the country seem like a beautiful place to visit and my dad was lucky enough to see Germany. If this country interests you as well, you should visit the area too!

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